August 23, 2005

TechBookReport reviews 'Ship It!'

TBR writes "'Ship It!' is part manual of best practices, part software methodologies book and part a distillation of ideas and experiences of good and bad projects that the authors have been involved in. It might sound like an odd combination, but it works well enough and the book provides both workable techniques and a process that puts them into use.

In terms of techniques, the emphasis is on those core development techniques that are generally included in most agile software methodologies: automating builds (using Ant and other tools), automated testing (using JUnit and similar), using version control (CVS), automated or continuous integration and so on. The authors provide sound arguments as to the advantages of these techniques and also provide quick introductions to how to install and use the associated tools. This is similar territory to Peter Schuh's 'Integrating Agile Development In The Real World', and both books are worth reading to get a grounding in these key tools and techniques.

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