May 17, 2005

TechBookReport on 'Spring Into PHP 5'

TBR writes "Spring Into PHP 5 is the first of Addison Wesley's new 'Spring Intoâ¦' series that we've seen here at TechBookReport. Experienced technical author Steve Holzner, (author of one of our recommended Eclipse books), provides this fast-paced introduction to web programming with PHP 5. The aim of this book, and the series as a whole, is to provide the reader with quick results but without stooping to a patronising 'for dummies' level. So does it succeed?

The first thing to note is that the book is structured around a series of 'chunks'. These are specific tasks or items and a tackled in a couple of pages. It certainly makes for a highly modular read, the bite-sized chunks make for the easy digesting of material. Of course not everything can be tackled in one chunk and so more complex topics are broken down into discrete sets of chunks that build up across a chapter."



  • PHP
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