October 7, 2005

TechBookReport on 'Write Portable Code'

TBR writes "Portability is one of those virtues we would all love to have in our code. One of the drivers of Java's popularity was the promise of portability across platforms, and of course that same promise exists in many of the more popular scripting languages, such as Python, Ruby and so on. However, when it comes to coding in C or C++, portability is much, much harder to achieve, simply because coding in these languages tends to be closer to the hardware. Without a virtual machine to code to, the vagaries of real platforms makes even the best of developers hostage to the operating system and the metal it runs on. However, help and advice is on hand for C/C++ coders in the form of 'Write Portable Code', which might easily have been entitled 'How to write portable code in C or C++'."

Link: techbookreport.com

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