April 12, 2006

Technical Program for Gelato Itanium Conference

Nan Holda writes "CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (April 11, 2006)—The Gelato Federation is proud to announce the technical program for the Gelato ICE: Itanium® Conference & Expo to be held on April 23-26, 2006 in San Jose, California, USA. International Itanium architecture experts are scheduled to deliver 65+ presentations focusing on Linux® on the Intel® Itanium® architecture, including keynotes by Jerry Huck (HP), James Reinders (Intel Corporation), Don Soltis (Intel Corporation), and William Worley (Secure64 and Itanium® Solutions Alliance). The full program is now available online athttp://www.gelato.org/pdf/apr2006/gelatoICE_agenda .pdf.

"Our presentation line-up for this conference is impressive considering the depth and breadth of topics in conjunction with the high level of technical knowledge," stated Mark K. Smith, Gelato managing director. "Our speakers include the most proficient architects and software specialists who have worked on Linux on Itanium-based platforms. They will cover subjects as wide-ranging as virtualization, scalability, compilers, and memory management."

Gelato ICE is the world's only conference dedicated specifically to Linux on the Intel Itanium architecture. It will address current high-performance computing issues and collaborative solutions specific to the platform, and will feature presentations and the exchange of information in formal and informal settings. Gelato ICE is targeted for technical users, application and tool developers, system researchers and vendors, and ISVs looking to extend the impact of the platform. The conference is hosted by the Gelato Federation and sponsored by HP, Intel, and the Itanium Solutions Alliance.

New for Gelato ICE 2006

An exhibition area and a program track targeting corporate developers and IT decision makers have been added to Gelato ICE 2006. The expanded technical program will include enterprise-specific topics like enterprise graphics and hardware reliability. In the exhibition area, HP, Intel, Itanium Solutions Alliance, N-VINT, and SGI will be showcasing some of the newest technology solutions.

Also new is integrated technical content to complement the collocated Itanium Solutions Alliance Developer Days to be held on April 26-28. Developer Days are Alliance-organized workshops established to facilitate porting of targeted applications to Itanium platforms. Software developers receive training, technical assistance, and industry-leading tools from Alliance Founding Sponsors and members. Registration for Developer Days is separate from Gelato ICE registration. Details can be found at https://www.itaniumsolutionsalliance.org/events/de veloper_days/.

The week-long combination—Gelato ICE 2006 and the collocated Itanium Solutions Alliance Developer Days—will be the year's highpoint for those wanting to learn more about using and developing Linux on Itanium architecture. Anyone working with this platform—or thinking about working with the platform—should attend. More information is available at http://www.gelato.org/meeting.

About Gelato

The Gelato Federation is the global technical community dedicated to advancing Linux on the Intel Itanium-based platform through collaboration, education, and leadership. Gelato members are suppliers and users of Linux/Itanium processor technology with a shared goal of producing open-source solutions for academic, government, and industrial high-performance computing users. The Gelato portal (http://www.gelato.org/ serves as the primary channel for Federation business and collaborations. Information about Gelato members' software and solutions are available through the portal, and the community is welcome to participate and contribute.

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