March 6, 2002

Techsol announces Linux-based thin client development kit

Author: JT Smith

Techsol is proud to announce the availability of the first of many Medallion development kits. The Thin-Client Device Mini-Development Kit is targeted at developers of thin-client desktop devices and also wearable computing devices. It features a 60 MHz ARM-720T-based RISC computer with Techsol's proprietary boot-loader/debugger in FLASH, Lineo?s Embedix Linux distribution pre-installed in the 32-mega-byte Disk-On-Chip module, and 32 mega-bytes of SDRAM for program execution. Additional software will include TrollTech's QT-Embedded GUI plus their Qtopia palm-top OS. There will also be a choice of JAVA virtual machines available in the near future.

This development kit also features:

  • SVGA video (via a standard 15-pin VGA connector)
  • USB host ports x 2 (for KBD, mouse, or other peripherals)
  • USB device port (for connection to a PC or Laptop) for hi-speed debugging
  • 10BaseT Ethernet port (for connection to a server or broadband Internet)
  • MultiMedia Card (MMC) for removable storage
  • Stereo Audio Out for playing your favorite MP3s while you work
  • Stereo Audio In for audio or data-logging applications
  • Mono Headset Jack for VOIP development (perfect for call-centers)
  • Power Jack that connects to the supplied 5-volt, 1amp AC adapter
  • Serial Debug Port that connects via the supplied adapter cable to a PC serial port.
  • A Rugged Aluminum Enclosure with clear labelling for all connectors.

In addition, there are connectors inside the case for:

  • Another Serial Port with modem control line support (for dial-up connectivity)
  • LCD Connectors x 2 for development of handheld products
  • JTAG Connector for debugging via the On Chip Emulator features
  • Boot Configuration Jumpers that allow the user to boot from an SRAM IC instead of FLASH (for low-level SOFTWARE development)
  • Audio Configuration Jumpers to select between Line Out or Amplifier Out

There are also instructions for disassembling the kit, along with schematics to facilitate development of custom products based on Medallion CPU modules.

Techsol's Medallion CPU modules are the embodiment of 15 years of embedded product development. By carefully integrating the best of open-source and off-the-shelf software with the latest in portable computing power, Techsol takes the technology used by the world?s largest high-volume manufacturers and makes it available to low- to mid-volume manufacturers. The tiny (4 sq.inch), low-power Medallion modules are pre-loaded with Linux, device-drivers, graphics and communications software. Plus, we support industry standards to simplify the connection of Medallion-based products to both enterprise systems and other portable devices. New modules based on ARM-7, ARM-9, Intel X-Scale, and PowerPC processors will appear monthly over the next year, ensuring that you always have access to the latest technology!

Techsol's Medallion system is unique in the embedded computer world. Over time, the product line will encompass dozens of CPUs. However, the pin-out and form-factor will remain the same. There will always be a Medallion module that is almost perfect for your application. By designing with the Medallion system, you are effectively out-sourcing your CPU design and Linux porting with no up-front NRE fees! That lets your team concentrate on the hardware and software portions of your product that your customers see. The result is that you can create a higher-quality product in a fraction of the time (and cost) of designing everything from scratch! Plus, the interchangeable modules extend product life-cycle times.
Following our mission of delivering maximum value to our customers, this development kit is offered at only US$500.00 complete with a CD of free development tools. See the website for details or call 1 888 TECHSOL (888.832.4765 or 604.946.8324) for more details.

Techsol is a private company head-quartered in Delta, BC, where the Fraser River meets the Pacific Ocean.


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