August 4, 2009

Telco Planning Joins Linux Foundation

telco.jpgThe Linux Foundation today announced that Telco Planning has joined the organization. Telco Planning provides consulting services to network operators that encompass technology evaluation, business plan modeling, network design, integration and installation.

"Telco Planning has a long history of participating in the evolution of Carrier Grade Linux and being a conduit between vendors and carriers," said Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer programs, The Linux Foundation. "Their expertise will be an important contribution to the Linux Foundation and all of its members as Linux becomes even more pervasive in network environments."

"We've been closely monitoring Linux development and advising clients on how to implement open source software for two decades. And now, with the Linux Foundation's inclusive membership packages, we're able to make our participation official," said Kelly Daniels, president, Telco Planning. "We're looking forward to actively contributing to the Linux Foundation workgroups and collaborating with the best of best in the Linux community at the organization's annual events."

Telco Planning works with network operators to take technologies from concept to operational product to full deployment. It develops prototypes with its customers that include Linux and open source software as the foundation.

The Linux Foundation's Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) workgroup is focused on interfacing with network equipment providers and carriers to gather requirements and produce specifications that Linux distribution vendors can implement. It also works as a community to translate requirements into development projects that assist in their upstream integration.

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