July 18, 2011

Telex: A New Anticensorship System

The Freedom to Tinker site carries an announcement for Telex, a new approach to the circumvention of censorship of the net by national governments. "As the connection travels over the Internet en route to the non-blacklisted site, it passes through routers at various ISPs in the core of the network. We envision that some of these ISPs would deploy equipment we call Telex stations. These devices hold a private key that lets them recognize tagged connections from Telex clients and decrypt these HTTPS connections. The stations then divert the connections to anti-censorship services, such as proxy servers or Tor entry points, which clients can use to access blocked sites. This creates an encrypted tunnel between the Telex user and Telex station at the ISP, redirecting connections to any site on the Internet." There is a proof-of-concept implementation available on the Telex site.

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