October 31, 2005

Tell the Government What you Think About WSIS

Andrew Updegrove writes "There's a page at the State Department's website that lays out the U.S. position, and surprisingly enough announces that Ambassador David A. Gross will host an Internet discussion on November 2 at which any one can log in, ask questions, and make comments. As usual, it's the US against the world, which is a shame, because the issues at stake are actually very important. From my blog post: "In truth, this is a big and important issue, for today, it's the role of ICANN that is under the microscope. But in the future, it will be other issues, including, perhaps, the future direction of technical development of the Internet or the Web, whether content can be censored, and so on. So what happens in Tunis matters to everyone, in the first world as well as the developing world, because it represents the beginning, and not the end, of the discussion on such issues.""

Link: consortiuminfo.org


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