June 10, 2002

Ten new service providers launch Virtuozzo-based Linux hosting

SWsoft, Inc., a leading advanced server and networking software company, today announced that ten new hosting service provider (HSP) customers will automate their infrastructure with the HSPcomplete solution and offer Virtual Environments (VEs) to customers, an advanced form of the increasingly popular virtual private server (VPS.) AWorldWideMall.com, Rackpowered, Hostica, NewDream Networks, ServerCentral, USonyx and VIPHost are the latest additions to the growing list of companies who have deployed the HSPcomplete solution on Virtuozzo-based Linux servers.
Given that Virtuozzo-based VEs enable HSPs to offer services at 1/3 the cost, with end-user pricing for dedicated-like servers starting at less than $10/month, are more efficient than the Jail-call based partitioning technology and are much more scalable, industry research suggests the VEs may replace previous industry standards like the typical shared Web hosting on Apache and those solutions from NTT/Verio.

New virtualization technologies are providing a low entry-point for Web hosting and have helped create a new industry business model. The companies are smaller, move quicker, have less costly infrastructure, can force competition between multiple suppliers, implement cost-saving technologies and most importantly, are fast becoming profitable.

HSPcomplete uses the Virtuozzo technology to supercharge Intel-based hardware and offer these customers performance and scalability similar to that found only on the mainframe - including support for over a thousand instances of the Linux (or Linux VPSs) on a single computer, advanced fault-tolerance, clustering, fair-sharing of system resources, etc. "The efficiency of Virtuozzo allows much greater scalability than that of Jail()-based systems with the same resources," said Dr. Alexander Tormasov, SWsoft's Chief Scientist and authority on dynamic software partitioning. "There are also implementation restrictions, serious support problems, no true isolation and poor sharing of disk and other resources with Jail ()-based systems, making life more difficult for the [HSP's] customers and significantly increasing TCO."

Joshua Paul, CEO, Neo Code Software, switched from Jail()-based NTT/Verio technology to a Virtuozzo-based HSPcomplete system to increase profits and flexibility. "We've managed to be profitable right now and look to technologies like Virtuozzo to keep us there." Indeed, increasing positive cash flow is the theme for these young and aggressive Web hosting companies, as they look for ways to cut costs.

Victor Goree, CEO, Rackpowered, confidently says, "I only spend money to make money. Running Virtuozzo on dedicated servers allows me to reduce my administrative costs and overhead - I'll make sure my staff beats the competition on quality of technical support."

SWsoft sells HSPcomplete as a flexible software and services solution starting at $2000 (under $20,000 for a cluster of servers.) Single-server appliances with HSPcomplete pre-installed on Dell or IBM Intel-based servers are also available for under $15,000.

Mehran Khayeri, CEO, VIPHost, chose to deploy an appliance-version of HSPcomplete based on a single Dell PowerEdge unit. According to Khayeri, "This is truly a hosting business in a box. Billing, account management, e-commerce transactions all work from a single Dell server."

"SWsoft offers a well-designed user experience for customers, resellers and premium businesses, automatically handling promotions, billing and installation of my virtual environments and applications," added Andreas Barth, CEO, AWorldWideMall.com. "Virtuozzo is such a technology and will enable me to maximize the potential of my business and my profits."

According to IDC, VPSs will play an increasingly bigger role in the future of hosting for the small and medium enterprise (SMEs,) as they allow the SME to run their own e-commerce platforms, obtain secure certificates and utilize shopping cart software. HSPcomplete uniquely integrates with third-party billing, plug-ins or modules through, allowing customers to install everything from the simplest CGI scripts to the most advanced shopping carts via the extensive set of control panels that come pre-integrated.

Craig Oda, VP Business Development for SWsoft believes the future of hosting has arrived. "There is incredible excitement among our hosting companies and sales have never been better. HSPs need to cut cost and HSPcomplete is the most logical answer."

Pricing of HSPcomplete (www.hspcomplete.com) and Virtuozzo varies, depending on system configuration. For more information on the Virtuozzo^(TM) technology, please see www.virtuozzo.com or contact sales@sw-soft.com.

About SWsoft, Inc. (www.sw-soft.com)

SWsoft is an advanced server and networking software technology company focused on the development of its patent-pending Virtuozzo^(TM) technology with end-to-end solutions and services for hosting service providers such as Internet data centers, application service providers, managed hosting providers and Web hosters. SWsoft's products deliver powerful, comprehensive solutions that can help data centers automate management, accelerate operations and provide excellent return on investments.


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