February 28, 2001

Ten questions with Julian Missig of the Gabber project

Author: JT Smith

John Gowin of LinuxOrbit writes "Linux Orbit: You said in an earlier email that a new version of Gabber would be available shortly. What are some of the new features?
Julian Missig: Gabber 0.8.2pre2 was released to go into the GNOME 1.4 Beta 2 Fifth Toe release. We're working our way towards 0.8.2, and so far we've:

fixed a problem concerning getting information for users not on the Jabber roster
added many additional keyboard accelerators
reorganized almost all of the source code, cleaning up the style to bemore consistent
updated the UTF-8 support from GAL, which fixes some large bugs
fixed the display of roster groups so that Gabber no remembers which were open and which were closed
added support for automatically changing status to 'away' after being idle
added support for the jabber:iq:last extension, which allows you to see how long someone has been idle or when they last logged out
fixed the quoting in normal messages to be more eMail-like

and I'm currently working on having preset status messages, we'll see how that goes. I also just got a patch which adds support for right-clicking URLs in normal messages. There will most likely be even more changes before 0.8.2 is finally released.

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