February 24, 2004

Ten Things Small Businesses Need To Know About Linux

Not so long ago, Linux was only for the technically adept. Then large enterprises claimed it as their own -- only they possessed internal resources
aplenty to confront its complexity. These days, however, more and more small- and mid-sized businesses are moving to the fastest-growing Operating
System (OS) for good, solid reasons -- and they aren't looking back. Recent developments in crossover programming are also making Linux on the desktop
a working reality for some small businesses.

Before you leave the comfortable empire Mr. Gates built and attempt to implement Linux, either as a server or on the desktop, there are several
important points to consider. This article will conduct you on a brief tour of 10 important points to ponder before you wrap your arms around Linux.

1. What's the number one reason to switch to Linux? Well ... it's free. Zero cost if you can spend time researching and experimenting with the
many available free software downloads from the people at the Fedora Project and Linux Online.

Or, you can buy a complete, packaged, easy-to-install OS for under $100 from any of several name-brand vendors. Visit Linux Central to browse through
the different options. The prices are startlingly inexpensive when compared to buying Windows XP and paying for additional annual subscriptions.

Link: smallbusinesscomputing.com


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