July 16, 2002

Ten things wrong with Linux

From vnunet.com: "Although some members of the internet community maintain that Linux is a nigh on perfect operating system, it has had, and still has, its problems.

In what he calls an "act of love" one brave geek has stumped up a list of the top 10 things wrong with Linux today.

Adam Wiggins, chief software architect for ecommerce secure payment company TrustCommerce, and Linux enthusiast, posted the list last week in a bid to
stimulate more interest in fixing its faults.

"Three years ago journalists and industry pundits complained loudly that Linux had 'no journalling filesystem!'. Today it has a dozen. Everyone
complained: 'No good web browsers!'. Today there are half a dozen. Everyone complained: 'No good office suites!'. Today there are three or four," he

"So, in that spirit, I am now going to complain loudly about every major nit pick I can think of."


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