January 29, 2002

TeraLogic introduces Linux-based Cougar-L DTV Reference Platform

Author: JT Smith

TeraLogic, Inc., the leading developer of integrated circuits, platforms, and software for digital television, today announced the Cougar-L Linux Digital TV Platform. Cougar-L is based upon TeraLogic?s TL851 Universal Decoder and TL811 ?Gateway? PVR Controller chips. The Cougar-L software API is compatible with the original Cougar system, which runs on the VxWorks operating system. TeraLogic will continue to support the Cougar API and multiple operating systems in future generations.

With Cougar-L, TeraLogic broadens the operating system options of its Cougar Platform to include Linux. Cougar, the most successful DTV platform ever launched, has been shipping to customers since 1999 with the VxWorks operating system. More than 250 Cougar Platforms have been shipped to date. Digital TV, set-top and PVR/DVR system manufacturers worldwide are using the Cougar platform for DTV software and system development.

Leading OEM and component manufacturers have cooperated with TeraLogic in developing the Cougar-L platform. Among these partners are Kenwood, PMC-Sierra (QED), SONY, Texas Instruments, and VividLogic.

"Our IEEE1394 solution with 5C content protection is supported on both Cougar and Cougar-L," said Cecelia Smith, Connectivity Consumer Electronics Marketing Manager for Texas Instruments. "We are working closely with TeraLogic to insure a seamless interface between our IEEE1394 solutions and their TL851 Universal Decoder and TL811 PVR Controller IC. This proven solution gives our customers a significant time to market advantage."

"Our FireBus IEEE1394, 5C, AVC and HAVi stacks run on both Cougar and Cougar-L," said Shiva Patibanda, President and CEO of VividLogic. "Working with TeraLogic, we are able to provide an integrated solution that reduces design risks and shortens time-to-market for leading OEMs."

Numerous add-on options are available in addition to the following base feature set:


  • Pre-production style single board design with TL851 Universal Decoder IC, TL811 ?Gateway? PVR Controller IC and MIPS CPU
  • Support for multiple Network Interface Modules allow PIP, PVR Watch and Record
  • Built-in Hard Disk for PVR and data applications
  • IEEE1394 support for networking consumer appliances including digital VCR
  • Ethernet and USB for peripheral interconnect
  • Built-in front side smart card reader for Conditional Access


  • Linux kernel based on SGI sources
  • Journaling file system for robust PVR applications
  • Support for X Windows and TCP/IP networking stack
  • Cougar Application software API
  • Cross compiler and debugger for x86 hosted Linux development
  • USB based keyboard and mouse support

"Cougar-L continues our strategy of partnering with industry leaders to offer our customers a flexible, complete solution," said Jon Zierk, VP Sales & Marketing for TeraLogic. "We now have complete software stacks supporting multiple CPUs, multiple O/Ss, PVR and other media functionality, along with a host of front-end and peripheral options."


The Cougar-L platform is available now with partner solutions. OEM products based on the Cougar-L design are expected to be introduced to the market this year.

About TeraLogic, Inc.
Founded in 1996, TeraLogic, Inc. designs integrated circuits, software and platforms for digital TV that enable the delivery of compelling entertainment, information and interactive services to the home. With products powered by TeraLogic's technologies, consumers can enjoy crystal clear video and audio, Internet, electronic commerce, electronic program guides and interactive data services. The company?s customers and partners include Sony, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Access, Daewoo, JVC, Kenwood, Lucent, MIPS, NDS, NEC, NxtWave, Oren, Panasonic, ReplayTV, Sanyo, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, VividLogic, Wind River Systems and Zayante.

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, and with a growing presence in Tokyo, TeraLogic has more than $90 million in invested capital from Mayfield Fund, Citicorp, Levensohn Capital, Sony, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, and other leading investors. More information about TeraLogic may be obtained by calling the company directly at (650) 526-2000 or by visiting the company's website at www.teralogic.tv.

About Texas Instruments: see www.ti.com

About VividLogic: see www.vividlogic.com

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