November 15, 2005

Terra Soft Launches Bioinformatics Package

Kai Staats writes "SEATTLE, Washington, - 14 November 2005 - Terra Soft Solutions today launched Y-Bio for the growing life sciences market. Built upon the RPM Linux standard for package management, Y-Bio offers industry standards NCBI BLAST, EMBOSS, Glimmer, ClustalW, HMMER, Wise, and FastA -- tools which help bioinformatics researchers conduct genetic sequence analysis.

Terra Soft's Y-Bio web interface enables genomics researchers to benefit from unified data input and execution. Y-Bio provides a foundation that enables relatively simple inclusion of new applications to the suite.

David Smith, lead developer for the Terra Soft Y-Bio project, states, "We have enhanced the power of Pise by building intelligence into the web interface. Static web pages have been enhanced with database-driven PHP, enabling Y-Bio to couple user data configuration and data security into a seamless environment."

Terra Soft's Y-Bio improves upon existing Pise-based offerings as follows:
  - Database-driven PHP.
  - Web-based and command line (shell) interfaces.
  - Secure user environments.
  - RPM compliance with Yellow Dog, Red Hat, and SuSE Linux.
  - Simple installation, update, and package removal via yum and Up2Date.
  - Support for both Power and x86 Linux platforms.
  - Execution on a single computer or large-scale cluster with Torque and MPI interoperability.

Built upon Terra Soft's seven years experience with Linux, and expertise in providing mission critical systems to the Departments of Energy and Defense, Terra Soft has dedicated its engineering team to build this well integrated solution, offering:
  - Aesthetic web interface to Pise with 'simple' and 'complex' menus.
  - Database-driven graphical account manager and system configuration interfaces.
  - Graphical file manager which moves data from local workstations to a remote cluster and enables remote file management.
  - Both GUI and command line interfaces via the same username and password.
  - Support for Terra Soft's 'Y-Imager', enabling pre-defined bio node images to be replicated across an entire cluster in a matter of minutes.

Terra Soft is showcasing Y-Bio at SC2005, November 14-18 from IBM booth #1510 and Mercury booth #1664. Kai Staats, co-founder & CEO will give a presentation about Y-Bio at 11AM, Thursday November 18 in the IBM booth theater.

Y-Bio is slated to ship the first of January. Licenses begin at $9500. Terra Soft is now receiving orders. Interested parties may gain on-line access to Terra Soft's 16 CPU G5 / Infiniband trial cluster beginning in December in order to test Y-Bio before purchasing.

For more information on Y-Bio, visit: -bio/

About Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
Terra Soft is a leading Integrated Solutions Provider with proven expertise in the Power Architecture and Linux OS platform. As a Mercury, Apple, and Genesi VAR, and IBM Business Partner, Terra Soft provides turnkey and build-to-order portables, desktop workstations, HA servers, and HPC clusters. Terra Soft's Y-HPC 64-bit OS and cluster construction suite is widely accepted as a preferred platform for Xserve clusters.

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