January 11, 2007

Terra Soft Launches HPC Consortium

Kai Staats writes "LOVELAND, Colorado - 10 January 2007 - In character with its record of innovation and community involvement, Terra Soft has founded a consortium of thought leaders dedicated to developing and disseminating best practice solutions for high productivity life science computing at the petascale level.

Glen Otero, Ph.D., Chief Scientist at Terra Soft Solutions explains, "The consortium's primary goal is developing, validating, and disseminating next generation tools and procedures for the creation, management, and growth of life science HPC ecosystems; software technologies that enable high throughput as well as high performance computing in the life sciences. We launched the consortium concept at SC2006 in Tampa Bay, Florida. It has since quickly gained momentum and an enthusiastic registrant list."

Initial participants include research professionals from the Department of Energy: Argonne, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories; IBM, Mercury Computers, Tungsten Graphics, and several university researchers.

Much of the consortium's excitement revolves around the Cell-based clusters scheduled to be installed in Terra Soft's new 3000 sq-ft supercomputing center. Once the clusters are up and running, Terra Soft will assist the membership with cluster access. There are no membership fees or access charges for public and non-profit institutions such as the Department of Energy labs or university research departments. Commercial organizations will pay a reasonable access fee.

The consortium welcomes participation from the public, commercial, and non-profit sectors. Ideal candidates are actively engaged in computationally intensive research projects, the creation of new frameworks for HPC and life science research workflow integration, and application development for the Cell processor.

        Researchers who desire to gain access to consortium resources
        are asked to submit a brief proposal for consideration:

        For more information about the HPC Consortium:

About Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
As the recognized leader in Linux for Power since 1999, Terra Soft provides turn-key, integrated solutions built upon IBM, Mercury, and Sony systems, board support packages for Power OEMs, and cross-architecture Linux applications for high performance computing. Terra Soft develops Yellow Dog Linux, the leading 32/64-bit Linux OS for the Power architecture, first to market with support for the Cell processor; the Y-HPC cross-architecture cluster construction suite; and Y-Bio, a cross-architecture gene sequence analysis suite for both workstations and clusters.

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