March 28, 2007

Terra Soft Released YDL v5.0.1 for Apple PowerPC

Kai Staats writes "LOVELAND, Colorado - 27 March 2007 - Terra Soft today released Yellow Dog Linux v5.0.1 for Apple G3, G4, and G5 computers. Yellow Dog Linux v5.0.1 adds greater than 500 package updates to the next generation Linux operating system released last fall for the Sony Computer Entertainment PLAYSTATION(R)3 with support for the former Apple PowerPC product line.

Built upon Fedora Core 5/6, YDL v5.0.1 integrates the "E17" desktop to provide an unprecedented level of function and interface aesthetic. Designed forusers of all ages and all levels of experience, Yellow Dog Linux v5.0.1 gives new life to displaced Power Macs.

  Yellow Dog Linux v5.0.1 offers:
    - Support for Apple PowerPC G3, G4, G5 systems.
    - USB storage, USB camera, & FireWire auto-mount.
    - 802.11b Airport auto-configuration.
    - 802.11g Airport Extreme (requires configuration).
    - PCMCIA card wi-fi support (requires configuration).
    - Audio support for all tested machines.
    - E17 installed by default.

The 535 new or updated packages over v5.0 will this week be made available for existing v5.0 PS3 installations via the public mirrors.

The YDL installer enables anyone to install without instruction. Post-install, the default application set includes the Firefox web browser, Thunderbird email client, OpenOffice, and a suite of personal accessories, development tools; sound & video, internet, and networking applications: s.shtml

The web browser home page offers a tutorial to E17 and Yellow Dog Linux: ation/

Yellow Dog Linux v5.0.1 is immediately available via Enhanced accounts
which may be purchased on-line:

The physical DVD sets will ship from Terra Soft in 2 weeks. The public mirrors
will offer v5.0.1 downloads in one month.

About Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
As the recognized leader in Linux for Power since 1999, Terra Soft provides turn-key, integrated solutions built upon IBM, Mercury, and Sony systems, board support packages for Power OEMs, and cross-architecture Linux applications for high performance computing. Terra Soft develops Yellow Dog Linux, the leading 32/64-bit Linux OS for the Power architecture, first to market with support for the Cell processor; the Y-HPC cross-architecture cluster construction suite; and Y-Bio, a cross-architecture gene sequence analysis suite for both workstations and clusters.

For more information, visit

"Power Mac" is a registered trademark of Apple Computer. PLAYSTATION and PS3 are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. "Power" is a trademark of IBM. YDL, Y-HPC, and Y-Bio are trademarks of Terra Soft Solutions. "Linux" is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Additional product and company names mentioned may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective holders."


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