April 27, 2005

Terra Soft Releases 64-bit Yellow Dog Linux

Kai Staats writes "Loveland, Colorado -- 27 April 2005 -- Terra Soft Solutions(R), Inc., the leading developer of integrated POWER Linux solutions, is pleased to announce the immediate release of 64-bit Yellow Dog Linux.

"With Tiger 'unleashed' in 48 hours and even Microsoft caught-up in the 64-bit wave, we give into peer pressure and release this interrum set of ISOs. A compilation of our work to date as we move toward the early summer release of v4.1, Yellow Dog Linux v4.0.90 is built upon eighteen months in-house and customer experience with 64-bit," states Kai Staats, CEO Terra Soft Solutions.

In addition to the expected double-precision, support for 16GB RAM, and native runtime environment for both 32- and 64-bit code, v4.0.90 offers:
  - A bi-arch (32/64) toolchain.
  - Core 64-bit libraries such as ncurses, readline, db4.
  - Updated X.org corrects Aluminum Cinema display issues.

Exclusively available to YDL.net Enhanced members v4.0.90 may be downloaded immediately from http://www.ydl.net/

Launched at SC2004, Y-HPC maintains a focus on the HPC market as a powerful cluster construction and management suite with complete code development tools, including IBM XL support, libX11, and gdb64 for a growing base of POWER hardware.

About Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
Terra Soft is a leading Integrated Solutions Provider with proven expertise in the PowerPC architecture and Linux OS platform. As an Apple Authorized Proprietary Solutions Provider and IBM Business Partner, Terra Soft provides turnkey and build-to-order portables, desktop workstations, HA servers, and HPC clusters. Terra Soft's Y-HPC 64-bit OS and cluster construction suite is widely accepted as a preferred platform for Xserve clusters.

For more information, visit www.terrasoftsolutions.com

IBM and POWER are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are property of their respective owners."

Link: terrasoftsolutions.com

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