March 17, 2005

Terra Soft Releases Y-HPC for YDL v4.0.1

Kai Staats writes "Loveland, Colorado -- 16 March 2005 -- Terra Soft Solutions(R), Inc., the
leading developer of integrated PowerPC Linux solutions, is pleased to
announce the release of Y-HPC for Yellow Dog Linux v4.0.1, featuring a
rebuild against the 2.6.10 kernel.

Y-HPC is Terra Soft's 64-bit PowerPC Linux operating system and cluster
construction/management suite. In use by the Department of Energy, Department
of Defense, University labs, and corporations nation-wide, Y-HPC offers a
full 64-bit code development foundation and an advanced, rapid cluster
construction and management suite.

Kai Staats, co-founder and CEO of Terra Soft offers, "Y-HPC is being adopted
at a remarkable pace. In the course of a recent road tour I worked with a
number of cluster admins who had come to accept six weeks to three months or
more as standard to bring a cluster from physical construction to a useful
state. This is not acceptable. Our customers are building 30 node clusters in
just a few hours. larger systems limited only by the speed at which the nodes
can be netbooted."

At the heart of Y-HPC is a node image delivery system which enables rapid
compute node construction using an intuitive, graphical interface. Multiple
node images may be built and maintained on the cluster server, used to test
new image deployments while archiving tested, stable systems. Clusters may be
logically divided into sub-systems where Y-Imager offers a visual means of
maintaining the unique node images.

Two improvements to the Y-Imager GUI in this Y-HPC release are the addition of
a table view to that of the original birds-eye grid and an improved color
selector used to tag and rapidly identify unique node images within a

"As the developer of Y-Imager, manager of our realworld G5 test cluster, and
support engineer, it has been rewarding to improve the Y-HPC suite and know
it will immediately improve our customers' experience. The better Y-Imager
works, the less time I spend on the phone. It's self motivating," states AJ
Hawks, lead Y-Imager developer at Terra Soft.

Some applications and libraries included with Y-HPC:

PowerPC port of System Imager, unique Y-Imager user interface
64-bit gcc, toolchain, and the gdb (debugger)
PVFS2 (parallel virtual file system)
Torque job scheduler
64-bit InfiniBand driver from SBS Technologies
lapack, linpack, and NCBI-BLAST

Beta releases of Sun Grid Engine and ganglia are available from Pro

Terra Soft's customers are using Y-HPC in a wide array of functions: to build
and manage Linux clusters, to serve NFS for OSX boxes, to control Xserve
RAIDs, to support flight simulators, and to maintain mission-critical,
high-availability web and email servers with greater than 60,000 users on a
single box. Y-HPC has operated on 3000 CPUs, improving performance over OSX
by up to 15% while enabling rapid code migration from Linux clusters built
upon non-PowerPC architectures.

Customers include Lawrence Livermore and Pacific Northwest National Labs;
Universities of Arizona, John Hopkins, Tulane, and UCLA; Boeing, Array
Systems Computing, Lockheed Martin, Presearch, Progeny Systems, Rockwell
Collins. and the Navy. Commercial customers include Boeing, Motorola, SBS,
and Simulation Technologies.

Staats continues, "This spring we will finalize our support for IBM JS20s with
a specific node image. The POWER5 will soon follow. And then the delivery of
market specific node images to support specific fields of research. Our
roadmap for Y-HPC is clear and far reaching. With the support of industry
associates Absoft, Verari, Platform, SBS, Momentum, and IBM, Y-HPC for 970
and POWER systems is a strong contender in the HPC market."

More information is available at:

The new release of Y-HPC, a date-time stamped product, is immediately
available from the Pro accounts for existing customers. New purchases
may be made on-line at or through
Terra Soft's partners Amulet in Japan and IXSoft in Germany.

About Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
Terra Soft is a leading Integrated Solutions Provider with proven expertise in
the PowerPC architecture and Linux OS platform. As an Apple Authorized
Proprietary Solutions Provider and IBM Business Partner, Terra Soft provides
turnkey and build-to-order portables, desktop workstations, HA servers, and
HPC clusters. Terra Soft's Y-HPC 64-bit OS and cluster construction suite is
widely accepted as a preferred platform for Xserve clusters.

For more information, visit

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