September 25, 2001

Terrorism Act threatens our rights

Author: JT Smith

As MSNBC's report on the matter states, it's time to question authority. In the U.S., the authorities -- the White House and its Congressional allies -- want to make the Mobilization Against Terrorism Act (MATA) the law of the land. Some of the more heinous provisions of MATA allow the U.S. to use its top secret surveillance networks against all American citizens, giving law enforcement officials access to Carnivore e-mail snooping technology without court order, allow the Echelon data/voice listening network to be used to spy on American citizens,and grant virtually unrestricted access to otherwise private voice-mail messages. Oh, and then there's the part where evidence collected by foreign law enforcement agencies would be used against U.S. citizens, even if that evidence was obtained in a manner that would violate that citizens' constitutional rights.
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