August 1, 2002

TestMaker 3 beta 4 ships - Web Service test tool

Frank Cohen writes: "TestMaker 3 beta 4 is now available for immediate download at the Web site.

TestMaker is a framework for building intelligent test agents to check Web Services for scalability, performance and functionality. TestMaker is built on NetBeans, comes with Jython as its scripting language, and an extensible library of test objects that implement protocol handlers for HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, and XML-RPC. TestMaker comes under an Apache style license.

The beta 4 version fixes bugs and improves usability:

- TestMaker launcher utility solves a start-up bug for JRE users

- By default, the sample agents directory is mounted and ready to run. 14 sample test agents are now included

- Proxy server and SOAP with SSL support are now built-in

- An execution user interface enables users to stop running agents

- The on-line documentation is updated to include chapters from Testing Web Services, an upcoming book about how Elsevier Science, Sun, BEA and IBM are testing Web Services using TestMaker.


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