Thanking our Communities and Members, and Building Positive Momentum in 2022


We could not imagine what was on the horizon ahead of us as we saw COVID peek its head in late 2019. Locally and globally, we’ve weathered many challenges, adjusted our sails, and applied new tools and approaches to continue our momentum. As we now approach 2022, our hopes aim even higher as we pursue new horizons and strengthen our established communities. We’re emerging stronger and better equipped to tackle these great challenges and your help has made it all possible. 

Your willingness to engage in our local, virtual, and large-scale in-person events were invaluable. These meetings demonstrated that the bonds within our hosted communities and families of open source foundations remain strong. Thank you for coming back to the events and making them successful.

In 2021, we continued to see organizations embrace open collaboration and open source principles, accelerating new innovations, approaches, and best practices. Not only have we seen compelling new project additions this year, but these projects are bringing new organizations into our community. In 2021, the LF welcomed a new organization nearly every day.

As we look to 2022, we see a diverse and growing pipeline of new projects across open source and standards. We see new demand to guide and develop projects in 5G, supply chain security, open data, and open governance networks. Throughout the continuing challenges of 2021, we remain focused on open collaboration as the means for enabling the technologies and solutions of the future. 

We thank our communities and members for your continued confidence in our ability to navigate a challenging business environment and your lasting and productive partnerships. We wish you prosperity and success in 2022.

Our yearly achievements would not be possible without the efforts of the Linux Foundation’s communities and members. Read our 2021 Annual Report here.

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