The history of an API: GitLab Runner and Podman


The history of an API: GitLab Runner and Podman

Here is one sysadmin’s journey through Podman and GitLab Runner integration
Pablo Greco
Tue, 10/27/2020 at 5:36am


Photo by Michael Foster from Pexels

For a while, I’ve been working on a project that uses GitLab Runner with Docker as its executor. Since runners are hosted on CentOS 7, everything made sense—until we started looking at moving it to CentOS 8, and our world exploded.

The first thing we were thinking was, since Podman is a drop-in replacement, this should be easy (you can imagine the veracity of that statement yourselves). The truth was, Podman didn’t have the API that GitLab Runner used to manage the containers, so even if we could do everything manually, we weren’t there yet.

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