November 17, 2003 announces free version of Rekall

Author: Joe Barr

Shawn Gordon, founder and president of, notified NewsForge last week that they would be releasing a dual-licensed version of their Rekall RAD DBMS tool today. ReKall has previously been available for both Windows and Linux with a proprietary, closed-source license. A version for Mac OS/X is expected soon. It provides "Access-like" capabilities for Linux users to maintain, query, and report information stored in an RDMS.

Rekall does not provide the DBMS, just the front-end required to maintain and report on it. It currently supports xBase, MySQL, and PostgreSQL "out of the box." Commercial plug-ins are available for Rekall to add DB2, ODBC, and (soon) Oracle access as well.

As of the beta 2.2 version of Rekall, which is to be released today, the product will be available under the GPL as well as under terms of a proprietary license. Support and source code for the free software version will be available at a new community portal sponsored by


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