November 18, 2002 Announces KDE Studio Gold 3.3 Available Now With Java

From Shawn Gordon: "KDE Studio Gold is our popular IDE for C++ development under KDE. The new 3.3 release adds Java support with a variety of features to make Java programming as easy as C++ development."

Java Features include:

- Java syntax highlighting, including Qt and KDE class names.
- Java class browsing with the Studio Class Explorer and Class Diagram tools.
- 'KDE Java', 'Qt Java' and 'Console Java' workspace templates. These new templates add a check for Java resources to the existing C++ only ones, using the KDE_CHECK_JAVA_DIR autoconf macro. Hence, they can contain both C++ and Java projects, such as a Qt C++ client, along with Java JSP or servlet code for the backend.
- A 'Java' project type, where new Java source files are added to a 'java_JAVA' primary in the '' automake file (and also added to the 'EXTRA_DIST' list). If a java source file is added to the existing non-Java project types, the source name will just be included in the 'EXTRA_DIST' macro list, and not added to a
'_JAVA' primary list.
- New sourcefile types 'Java Source', 'Qt Java Main' and 'KDE Java Main' added. The Qt and KDE sourcefile types are for use in conjunction with the Qt/KDE Java bindings, and generate top level code similar to the equivalent C++ Studio Qt and KDE types.
- Java source files can be imported from Java automake proj
ects, which use the '_JAVA' primary.
- A '*.java' filename pattern added to the grep dialog.

KDE Studio supports complex projects, composed of multiple executables, static or shared libraries, all in one centralized workspace, including support for multiple targets from a single project. You can now create more than just KDE projects, the following types are supported:

- Custom (no Makefiles generated, only directory structure support) it's all based on Autoconf/Automake:
- Console
- X11
- Qt
- Import projects from directory structure
- Code folding
- New highlight engine (you can modify and add custom highlight by editing the XML file)
- For C__ file types we now highlight for all Qt and KDE class names
- Plugins for class diagram
- Quick project file creation from existing directory structure
- Integrated Font Viewer
- Integrated Programmers Calculator
- The doc browser can also browse and show libc, Man and Info files as well as the Qt2x and KDE2x doc.

You can explore the structure of your classes with an intuitive tree view. Functions and data members are exposed for a quick understanding of library structures. The class tree is updated on the fly while you type your code.

Place bookmarks on your code to speed up navigation.

Integrated support for Qt Designer files where clicking on a .ui file will bring up Qt Designer. Clicking on .po files brings up KBabel for translation. Qt Designer is a product from Trolltech AS.

The Gold release is available in two editions - Standard and Professional, both of which are available as a physical media or in electronic form. This flexible packaging and pricing allows you to get the components you need at the right price for your budget. Both editions include all the same features and documentation, however the Professional Edition also includes Qt, KDE, libc documentation integrated into the help system. With the press of a (configurable) button, you can quickly find out the parameters and documentation to any function.

Purchasers of both the physical and electronic versions will have access to the electronic version, pricing follows:

Standard Edition (does not include DocBrowser)
$24.95 download only
$44.95 physical package

Professional Edition (includes DocBrowser)
$49.95 download only
$69.95 physical package

Purchasers of KDE Studio Gold will be entitled to electronic updates for the life of the product at no extra cost. Be advised that due to changes in the internal structure of the KDE and Qt documentation, DocBrowser will not support anything past KDE2x and Qt2x.

A KDE Studio mailing list for customers will be available as well as support queues. We will answer these support questions as time permits, for priority response you should take a look at our support services.

You can order online and get more information at:

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