December 20, 2001 releases Beta5 of Aethera email/PIM client

Author: JT Smith is pleased to announce the long awaited fourth beta (version
0.9.5) of our Aethera Messaging and Groupware client for KDE. New releases will
start to come much more frequently now. This release marks the conversion to a
pure Qt based application from KDE, which accounts for the delay in this release.
Most of the details for the project roadmap can be found a, but this is subject to change as we are
    constantly researching new features. Bug reports, suggestions and ideas can be
    sent to 

    Here is what is new and updated in this release: 
     Aethera has now implemented our multiplatform component architecture with
    Korelib 0.8 and TINO (TINO Is Not OLE or This Is Not OLE). Plug ins will start to
    become available in the next 2 weeks. 

     Our second step for implementation of the IMAP protocol is now complete,
    features include
     IMAP folder support - you can now create and remove the files locally and
     Folder support is using the subscribe/unsubscribe IMAP4 features
     Create new IMAP accounts using the configuration browser. Aethera can handle
    multiple POP3 and IMAP4 accounts 

     Full Drag-n-Drop support 

     A large number of bug fixes and usability improvements 

     New GUI design 

    One of the advantages to a pure Qt application is that distribution is now far easier
    than it was before. We've provided a binary in either a tarball or RPM, just
    download the files from, login as root and do either: 

    1) Using the rpm 
    rpm -hiv --nodeps --force aethera-0.9.5-1_tkc.i386.rpm 

    2) Using the tarball (absolute path) 
    tar xvfz aethera-0.9.5.tgz -P 

    After installation you can run by typing:

    We would also like to thank our friends at Sourceforge where the download files
    and bug tracking is now being hosted at
    For the time being the CVS is still on servers. 
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