June 22, 2001

Themes.org is back online after a lengthy outage

Author: JT Smith

- by Tina Gasperson -
Without any fanfare, the long-awaited return of Themes.org, an online repository for free, open source desktop themes, has finally happened. Last month crackers brought the site down, and details from themes.org maintainers or owner OSDN about exactly what had happened were not forthcoming.Now that the site is back up, ElCoronel posted a short message explaining at least a little bit about what's been happening. The themes.org team have been combing through every theme in the database, scanning them for unfriendly additions to executable files. According to an inside source, they haven't found any baddies yet, but are playing it safe until every file has been examined.

Until that time, not every theme is available for download. Additionally, the site is not accepting new submissions, purportedly because they're working on a new code base and site design. Once the new site goes into beta sometime in August, they'll take your theme submissions gladly.


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