March 1, 2004

There are no enemies at the gates...

Chuck Talk writes "I have read the articles by the SCO Group's Minister of Disinformation for many months now, and I always find his words both enlightening and deceptive. The latest unilateral opinion piece out on the net is nothing more than an attempt to distract from the balance of the facts..Mr. Stowell's opinions are his to hold and express. I have no problem with that. I do have a problem with his interpretation of the facts. Specifically, Mr. Stowell asserts that:

"The only issue that SCO as a company has had with open source is when elements of the community choose to take proprietary software and contribute it into open source. I don't think that this is a widespread practice, but I think it's a problem that has to be addressed."

Mr. Stowell fails to point out that the proprietary code that is contributed into Linux by companies is not owned by SCO Group, was not developed by SCO Group and the SCO Group holds no copyright on that code. That is the central issue that he is denying in the face of open and continuous contention. Mr. Stowell, by his own words and admission has stated that IBM holds the copyright on the code they have tried to claim as derivative works.

In an article dated July 25, 2003 found here, Blake Stowell was asked about this issue and his responses are supplied verbatim so that you can judge for yourself what this means:"



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