November 11, 2005

Thin client server revitalizes old PCs

editingwhiz writes "Frankfurt-based 2X Software Ltd. has released a new thin-client software suite that aims to simplify thin-client deployment and give new life to old PCs, by converting them into thin-client terminals. The client-side operating system is a "small footprint Linux-based OS," and the server-side software works on either Linux or Windows systems, the company said.

ThinClientServer can be used to convert old PCs to thin clients, supports "any" brand of thin-client device, and allows administrators to manage them all from a single management interface, 2X said. The server-side software also provides central management of users' connection settings.

"2X ThinClientServer protects companies against vendor lock-in and allows re-use of existing PC hardware," said 2X CEO Nick Galea. "Existing thin-client vendor management software is proprietary -- it only supports vendors' own thin clients whilst not allowing PCs to be converted to thin clients.""


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