October 29, 2002

Third International Unix Meeting in UniNet

umeet2002 writes: "UniNet is a University Network, a non profit organization, whose target
is to integrate services provided trough Internet, to offer them to
virtual communities, created by persons and organizations. It's main
target is to disclose and foment Sciences and Humanity Sciences, and one
of those created communities have been, of course, the Unix like systems
enthusiastic people.

With the same target of last years, that is, to share and disclose
experiences, and foment relationship between people interested in same
subjects, the Unix users comunity and UniNet are pleased to announce the
III International Unix Meeting in UniNET UMEET 2002. Which will be
held in Internet from December 9th until 20th, 2002.

This year has been confirmed the presence of Alan Cox, Rik van Riel, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Dave Jones, Gaël Le Mignot.

For more information we invite you to:

Meeting home page:


You can register, without any charge, with the target of subscribing to
the meeting mailing list, and get the participant accreditation at the end
of the event on:

http://compendium.ar.uninet.edu/cgi-bin/umeet2002/ register?lang=en

UMEET 2002 Organizing Committee


Link: UniNet


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