December 14, 2005

Three Open Source ODP Scrips Reviewed

Brian Clancey writes "Including a directory on a website can be a good way to add to and help build community at a site. I have always been interested in doing something along these lines -- instead of keeping a sprawling list of links to other websites or a directory with 25 categories and 14 listings, including three duplicated across two or three categories.

It is possible to do much more. DMOZ -- the open directory project has attracted a wealth of scripts which allow you to present all or part of the directory on your website. Several open source scripts scrape the content off DMOZ pages on demand and insert it into a template you design.

I tried out several and the installation experience with each was identical. Download the archived or zipped file to your server and unpack it into a directory on your website -- one from which you will be able to server pages. Once it is unpacked, launch a browser and navigate to the directory. In most cases, I had a local copy of the DMOZ site up and running."



  • Open Source
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