Three OpenStack Myths To Consider As We Close Out 2013


We’re three and a half years into OpenStack® and there is still confusion about exactly what OpenStack is, how to compare OpenStack to other cloud platforms, and specific use cases for OpenStack. I find myself having the same conversations over and over again in an attempt to debunk the myths and misperceptions in the market. There are a number of them, but to help people who are still getting up to speed with OpenStack, let’s focus in on the three largest.

Myth #1: OpenStack is a Hypervisor or Virtualization Replacement

When I talk to people about OpenStack for the first time, this is a very common belief. OpenStack is seen as a hypervisor or a replacement for virtualization. That’s not true. Instead of replacing your compute, storage or network virtualization platforms, OpenStack sits above (actually, along side of) them – it automates, orchestrates, manages and gives you a common set of APIs and a dashboard no matter which vendor or technology you’ve selected for your hypervisor.

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