December 24, 2006

Thunderbird 2.0 beta 1 out - and I like it

Beta 1 of version 2.0 of the favourite - well, least sucky - email program, namely Mozilla Thunderbird, is out and I say... get it. Normally I wouldn't recommend people to use betas, but Tbird 2.0b1 seems completely stable. It's not actually that much of an upgrade from 1.5.x, but seems to be faster overall. I use Tbird as an IMAP client mainly, having long consigned POP3 to the scrapheap of computing history, and have quite large inboxes with several thousands of messages each. The IMAP server is Dovecot currently, running on FreeBSD, but I might go back to Courier-IMAP... that's another story though.

Link: GeekZone NZ

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