Thursday 26 April 2001 Columbia ACM meeting: Bjarne Stroustrup on C++


Author: JT Smith

Bjarne Stroustrup, author of C++, will speak at 7:30 pm
in 501 Schermerhorn Hall of Columbia University in the City of New York. This meeting of the Association for Computing Machinery, Columbia chapter,
is free and open to the public.

ACM @ Columbia Univeristy welcomes all ACM members and interested persons:
Thursday, April 26th, 2001


OK, maybe not, but there are certainly alternatives.  Far and away the
most popular programming language in the world today is C++.  Unlike many
modern inventions, C++ has one clear creator: Bjarne Stroustrup.

On April 26th, he's coming to speak at Columbia, thanks to Columbia's ACM
chapter with the support of the Department of Computer Science.  This is a
rare chance to hear one of the major figures in both computer science and
the information economy speak about his creation.

The topic will be C++ itself, and thus should be of particular interest to
dedicated Java types, as C++ is the primary programming language of the
"real world."  Used a Microsoft product lately, either operating system or
application? Written in C++.  Played a computer game?  Used any retail
software whatsoever?  Ditto.  Tens of billions of dollars worth of
software written in C++ are sold every year.

So anyway, come and listen to the guy who wrote the world's main
programming language talk about programming.  The talk will be aimed at
intermediate-level computer science undergraduates.  We promise that your
mind will be stretched.

Please go to our site: for directions to
the lecture hall at Columbia U. where the talk will be taking place.
Columbia U. itself is located at 116th and Broadway.

-- ACM @ Columbia U.

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