November 10, 2004

TimeSys Delivers Eclipse 3.0-based TimeStorm Development and Testing Tools for All Embedded Linux Di

Anonymous Reader writes "TimeStorm Linux Development Suite and Linux Verification Suite Work with All Linux Distributions and Interoperate with Hundreds of Eclipse-based Tools

Pittsburgh, PA -- November 9, 2004 -- TimeSys® Corporation, a leader in embedded Linux® technologies and development tools, today announced the immediate availability of the Eclipse 3.0-based TimeStorm® Linux Development Suite (LDS) and TimeStorm Linux Verification Suite (LVS), powerful development and testing tools that support every step in the embedded development process. TimeStorm LDS and LVS work with all embedded Linux distributions and the hundreds of available plug-ins for the Eclipse 3.0 Framework, giving developers the flexibility to create the development and testing environment of their choice.

Based on Eclipse 3.0 and CDT 2.0, TimeStorm LDS and LVS include an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and together support a complete suite of features to streamline development and testing. TimeStorm LDS enables developers to quickly develop embedded applications or port any Linux distribution to any target platform. TimeStorm LVS includes more than 2,200 ready-to-run system tests for all Linux distributions and sophisticated testware for validating applications and Linux distributions on embedded boards.

"With the Eclipse 3.0-based TimeStorm LDS and LVS, TimeSys continues to deliver solutions to accelerate the adoption of embedded Linux," said TimeSys CEO Larry Weidman. "By supporting all Linux distributions and tying in to leading third party tools, TimeStorm gives developers the power to rapidly get embedded applications to market using the development and testing environment best suited to their needs."

TimeStorm Linux Development Suite Key Features

* IDE for Application Development and System Configuration simplifies code creation and editing for individuals or complex team projects

* Support for Managing Multiple Projects enables developers to create, view, manage and switch between projects

* Cross-Compilation and Target Management provides an intuitive process for selecting cross-compilers, communicating with the target board, and downloading and installing applications

* Remote, Multi-threaded Debugging requires no separate target configuration and is started with a single mouse-click from the desktop system

* Target Configuration and Customization delivers complete control over kernel configuration, compilation and the contents of the filesystem(s) on the target hardware

TimeStorm Linux Verification Suite Key Features

* More than 2,200 Pre-built Tests for all popular embedded processors including the Linux Test Project (LTP), POSIX Conformance Test Suite (PCTS), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Test Suite, Real-time Operating System (RTOS) Test Suite and TimeSys Test Suite (TTS)

* IDE for Creating and Editing Tests from simple to complex, with multiple users

* Support for Managing Multiple Tests allows developers to create, view, manage and switch between test projects and suites

* Cross-Compilation and Target Management identifies parameters required for communicating with the board, transferring tests, starting and stopping tests and collecting test results

* Test Automation and Execution Framework provides all of the core elements needed to develop, run, manage and automate a complete set of tests

* Built-in Support for Remote, Scripted Test Execution, including unattended execution and automated result retrieval, for easy integration into automated testing environments

Pricing and Availability

TimeStorm LDS and LVS are available now from TimeSys. TimeStorm LDS is priced at $2,750 plus annual support for a perpetual license. TimeStorm LVS is priced at $3,500 plus annual support for a perpetual license. TimeStorm LDS is also included in hardware-optimized TimeStorm Linux Development Kits (LDKs) for more than 90 of the most popular embedded boards in use today.

About TimeSys Corporation

TimeSys is leading the drive for widespread adoption of Linux for embedded systems development by delivering the tools and performance capabilities that developers need to reliably and cost effectively use Linux in embedded development projects. TimeSys products include hardware-optimized 2.6 and 2.4 kernel-based Linux Development Kits and the TimeStorm suite of Eclipse-powered development and testing tools for use with all Linux distributions. TimeSys products enable developers of embedded products to streamline the development, customization and validation of homegrown or commercial Linux-based embedded systems, shortening development cycles and reducing project costs. Visit for more information."


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