October 21, 2004

TimeSys First with OSDL GGL-Registered Linux

Guest writes "TimeSys First To Register Carrier Grade Linux Distribution for Any PowerPC or x86 Platform OSDL CGL -Registered TimeSys Linux Distributions Meet Real-time Carrier Requirements;

Provide New Levels of Security, High Availability and Clustering

Pittsburgh, PA â October 21, 2004 â TimeSys® Corporation, a leader in embedded Linux® technologies and development tools, today became the first vendor to register a Linux distribution according to the OSDL Carrier Grade Linux Requirements Definition version 2.0.1.

CGLâ¢-Registered TimeSys Linux Distributions are available for any PowerPC or x86 platform and work with the 2.6 Linux kernel to meet the advanced real-time needs of telecommunications equipment providers.

OSDL is a global consortium of leading technology companies dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Linux. OSDL hosts and coordinates the Carrier Grade Linux working group which brings together key telecom equipment and Linux distribution vendors that collectively help business harden Linux for carrier grade deployment. The CGL working group published its v2.0 requirements definition in October of 2003. The CGL v2.0 requirements document reflects key requirements of the worldâs leading network equipment vendors. CGL-Registered Linux distributions are those for which the vendor has provided full disclosure of how they meet these high-priority feature/function requirements.

The Carrier Grade Linux Requirements Definition, version 2.0.1, specifies major advances in security, high availability and clustering technologies over its predecessor, CGL 1.1. Though the CGL working group is focused on Linux enhancements to support carrier grade applications within the telecommunications industry, many of the features defined by the CGL specification are also of importance to other industry sectors, such as industrial control, defense and aerospace. For more information on OSDL CGL and the CGL registration program visit: http://www.osdl.org/lab_activities/carrier_grade_l inux/registration.html/document_view.

"TimeSys has taken a leadership role in making Linux the operating system of choice for new deployments in the telecommunications industry. We are very pleased to see TimeSys as the first vendor to achieve CGL-Registered status," said Stuart Cohen, CEO of OSDL. âThe availability of the first commercial distributions to meet those requirements is a significant milestone in the continued adoption of Linux.â

âTimeSys has been at the forefront of real-time development for more than three years, as evidenced by the over 10,000 downloads of our freely available 2.4 Linux distributions with real-time enhancements for all popular architectures,â said TimeSys CEO Larry Weidman. âWe are continuing to drive the adoption of embedded Linux as the first CGL-Registered vendor.â

About the Open Source Development Lab

OSDL - home to Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux - is dedicated to accelerating the growth and adoption of Linux. Founded in 2000 by CA, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Intel and NEC, OSDL is a non-profit organization at the center of Linux supported by a global consortium of more than 40 of the world's largest Linux customers and IT industry leaders. OSDL sponsors industry-wide initiatives around Linux in telecommunications, in the enterprise data center and on corporate desktops. The Lab also provides Linux expertise and computing and test facilities in the United States and Japan available to developers around the world. Visit OSDL on the Web at http://www.osdl.org/.

OSDL CGL registration is a self-registration program. OSDL confirms that CGL-Registered Linux distributions have properly complied with this self-registration process, but does not audit or validate the disclosure data.
About TimeSys Corporation

TimeSys is leading the drive for widespread adoption of Linux for embedded systems development by delivering the tools and performance capabilities that embedded engineers need to reliably and cost effectively use Linux in embedded development projects. TimeSys products include: 2.6 kernel-based Linux Development Kits; turnkey, ready-to-run 2.4-based Linux RTOS Software Development Kits; and the TimeStorm suite of Eclipse-powered development and testing tools for use with any Linux distribution. TimeSys products enable embedded engineers to streamline the development, customization, and validation of homegrown or commercial Linux-based embedded systems, shortening development cycles and reducing project costs. Visit http://www.timesys.com for more information."

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