March 9, 2005

TimeSys Introduces OnBoard Program

TimeSys Marketing writes "TimeSys Introduces OnBoard Program to Commercialize Linux Developed with Leading Architecture Designers and Semiconductor Manufacturers

OnBoard Program Rapidly Delivers Latest Linux from Partners and Open Source Community to OEMs/ODMs

EMBEDDED SYSTEMS CONFERENCE, San Francisco, CA-- March 7, 2005 -- TimeSys® Corporation, a leader in embedded Linux® technologies and development tools, today introduced the OnBoard Program(tm) to aggressively deliver the latest Linux features from the open source community, architecture designers and semiconductor manufacturers to OEMs/ODM in commercially supported distributions. OnBoard Program members include the world's leading architecture designers and semiconductor manufacturers (see today's related TimeSys OnBoard Program announcements).

"The OnBoard Program gets the latest partner-developed and open source Linux features into the hands of developers now," said Larry Weidman, president and CEO of TimeSys. "Through the OnBoard Program and our aggressive adoption and support of the latest standards, TimeSys has become the embedded Linux industry's resource for the most advanced, commercially-supported Linux."

About the TimeSys OnBoard Program

OnBoard Partners work collaboratively within TimeSys' unique hosted, automated Linux provisioning infrastructure to rapidly integrate their Linux with the latest features from the open source community and the TimeSys code repository into commercially supported TimeStorm® Linux Development Kits (LDKs). Every TimeStorm LDK from TimeSys includes a complete processor-optimized embedded Linux distribution with ready-to-run target images (kernel and root file system) and an Eclipse 3.0-based TimeStorm® Linux Development Suite (LDS) cross-development environment to facilitate application development, as well as kernel and device driver platform customization. OEMs/ODMs can further enhance TimeStorm LDKs with additional platform-specific features such as CGL 2.0

About TimeSys Corporation

TimeSys is empowering the embedded Linux market by continuously delivering processor-optimized Linux distributions and tools that enable embedded developers to reliably and cost effectively use Linux. TimeSys products include 2.6-based TimeStorm Linux Development Kits and Eclipse-based development and testing tools. TimeStorm products streamline the development, customization and validation of homegrown or commercial Linux-based embedded systems, shortening development cycles and reducing project costs. Visit for more information.




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