TimeSys Introduces TimeStorm Linux Development Kit

Guest writes “Pairs TimeSys 2.6 Linux, Advanced Real-Time Capabilities and Powerful Development Tools with 320MB/s Performance of PowerPC® Based Motorola MVME6100

Pittsburgh, PA — October 26, 2004 — TimeSys® Corporation, a leader in embedded Linux® technologies and development tools, today announced the availability of the TimeStorm® Linux Development Kit (LDK) for Motorola’s latest VMEbus product, the MVME6100. The TimeStorm MVME6100 LDK with a ready-to-run 2.6-based Linux distribution features advanced real-time capabilities including schedulable hard and soft interrupt handlers, priority inheritance mutexes and a fully preemptible kernel. The full-featured MVME6100 LDK also includes the Eclipse-based TimeStorm Linux Development Suite (LDS) to speed and simplify development of advanced solutions in aerospace, industrial automation and medical imaging industries.

“With the TimeStorm MVME6100 LDK, our customers have the opportunity to pair a robust Linux development environment with a high performance VMEbus single board computer,” said Dave Barker, senior product marketing manager for VMEbus technology, Motorola’s Embedded Communications Computing Group. “The TimeStorm Linux Development Kit delivers the integrated real-time functionality, 2.6 Linux and feature-rich development tools required by the mission critical applications ideally suited to the MVME6100’s industry-leading performance.”

TimeStorm MVME6100 LDK Key Components:

* Complete 2.6 Linux distribution optimized for the MVME6100

* Integrated real-time capabilities such as schedulable hard and soft interrupt handlers, priority inheritance mutexes and a fully preemptible kernel

* Support for all external buses and interfaces, including kernel drivers for all on-board devices

* Royalty-free, high-power runtime for commercial deployment

* GNU toolchains to facilitate development and debugging of custom applications

* Graphical Eclipse-based TimeStorm Linux Development Suite for Linux application development on Windows or Linux hosts

“We are pleased that Motorola, a leader in embedded computing, has selected TimeSys to deliver the Linux Development Kit for its most advanced VMEbus single board computer,” said TimeSys CEO Larry Weidman. “With the TimeStorm MVME6100 LDK, we’re reducing complexity and removing performance limitations by providing an out-of-the-box solution that gets embedded applications to market fast.” He added, “Motorola felt that having a robust, cost effective and commercially available Linux solution for the MVME6100 was important, which highlights the increasing adoption of Linux as the platform of choice in even the most demanding applications.”

About Motorola’s MVME6100

Motorola is first to market with a product that takes advantage of a radical new VMEbus to PCI-X bridge, the Tundra Tsi148(TM), using the VMEbus two-edge source synchronous transfer (2eSST) protocol for significantly faster VMEbus data transfer rates. Transferring more than 300MB/s on the VMEbus, (compared with VME64’s typical 40MB/s transfer rate), the MVME6100 also preserves more than 20 years of VMEbus legacy by remaining compatible with previous generations of VMEbus products and protecting users’ existing investment in VMEbus technology.

Key MVME6100 features include:

* Motorola MPC7457 1.267 GHz PowerPC® processor with the 128-bit AltiVec(TM) coprocessor for vector processing

* Tsi148 PCI-X bus to VMEbus bridge with 2eSST protocol for 320MB/s transfer rate across standard VMEbus

* Up to 1GB DDR ECC memory

* Two 64-bit PCI-X bus interfaces, one dedicated to 100 MHz PMC-X support and the other to the VMEbus bridge at 133 MHz

* Dual 64-bit, 33/66/100 MHz PMC-X expansion slot support

* Dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces


The TimeStorm MVME6100 LDK is available now. For more information, visit: http://www.timesys.com/index.cfm?bdy=inquire_board _sdk.cfm

About TimeSys Corporation

TimeSys is leading the drive for widespread adoption of Linux for embedded systems development by delivering the tools and performance capabilities that embedded engineers need to reliably and cost effectively use Linux in embedded development projects. TimeSys products include: 2.6 kernel-based Linux Development Kits; turnkey, ready-to-run 2.4-based Linux RTOS Software Development Kits; and the TimeStorm suite of Eclipse-powered development and testing tools for use with any Linux distribution. TimeSys products enable embedded engineers to streamline the development, customization, and validation of homegrown or commercial Linux-based embedded systems, shortening development cycles and reducing project costs. Visit http://www.timesys.com for more information.


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