February 16, 2005

TimeSys Launches CGL 2.0 Upgrade Program

Kimberly Booth writes "TimeSys Launches First Carrier Grade Linux 2.0 Upgrade Program for
Telecom Equipment Manufacturers and Network Equipment Providers

Rapidly Upgrades Embedded Linux Distributions for PowerPC and x86 Platforms to CGL 2.0;
Makes Latest Carrier Grade Linux Features Widely Accessible to Developers

Pittsburgh, PA â February 15, 2005 â TimeSys® Corporation, a leader in embedded Linux® technologies and development tools, today launched the first program that enables telecommunications equipment manufacturers and network equipment providers to rapidly upgrade 2.6-based Linux distributions for PowerPC and x86 platforms to the OSDL Carrier Grade Linux Requirements Definition version 2.0.2 (CGL 2.O).

The widely endorsed OSDL CGL 2.0 requirements were developed with input from the worldâs largest network equipment providers and feature major improvements in performance, reliability, security and high availability. TimeSys is the first Linux vendor to go to market with a CGL 2.0 registered distribution. This early support for CGL 2.0 has now been expanded into the first program for rapidly integrating CGL 2.0 features into 2.6 Linux distributions for PowerPC and x86 platforms.

âTimeSys continues to take a leadership role in accelerating the adoption of Linux in the telecommunications industry,â said Tom Hanrahan, OSDL engineering director. âTheir early, public support of the OSDL CGL 2.0 requirements will speed the integration of this functionality in network devices. We are extremely pleased at the rate at which Carrier Grade Linux is becoming a key part of telecommunications solutions.â

About the TimeSys CGL 2.0 Upgrade Program

The TimeSys CGL 2.0 Upgrade Program is offered as an annual subscription and includes:

Upgrade of any 2.6-based PowerPC or x86 Linux distribution certified by TimeSys to a complete OSDL CGL 2.0 distribution within 30 days of joining the program

Ongoing access to the latest open source updates

Advanced tools to enable further customization of CGL 2.0 distributions to developer specifications

âThe TimeSys CGL 2.0 Upgrade Program is the latest example of our commitment to continuously bring the latest, standards-based embedded Linux platforms to market,â said Larry Weidman, president and CEO of TimeSys. âThe Upgrade Program delivers the latest CGL features now, while enabling developers to keep pace with evolving open source efforts and emerging CGL requirements through ongoing access to updates from TimeSys.â

Rapid CGL 2.0 Upgrades Available for Popular PowerPC/x86-based Platforms

Freescale MPC8560ADS

Freescale MPC8272

IBM PowerPC 970FX Microprocessors

IBM PowerPC 750FX and 750GX Microprocessors

AMCC PowerPC 440EP Processor

Motorola MVME6100 Single-Board Computer

Motorola MVME5500 Single-Board Computer

Motorola MVME5100 Single-Board Computer

All x86 Platforms Supporting Linux

SBE HW400c/m

Curtiss Wright CHAMP-AV III Quad PowerPC Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Board

Curtiss Wright SVME/DMV-182 Single Board Computer

Curtiss Wright SCP/DCP-122 Single Board Computer

The ever-expanding list of boards eligible for CGL 2.0 upgrades is continually updated on http://www.timesys.com/products/ldk/.

Pricing and Availability

An annual subscription to the TimeSys CGL 2.0 Upgrade Program is now available and is priced at $48,000 for supported 2.6 Linux distributions. Customized CGL 2.0 upgrade programs are also available for any hardware. For more information, please contact TimeSys.

About TimeSys Corporation

TimeSys is leading the drive for widespread adoption of Linux for embedded systems development by delivering the tools and performance capabilities that embedded engineers need to reliably and cost effectively use Linux in embedded development projects. TimeSys products include: 2.6 kernel-based Linux Development Kits; turnkey, ready-to-run 2.4-based Linux RTOS Software Development Kits; and the TimeStorm suite of Eclipse-powered development and testing tools for use with any Linux distribution. TimeSys products enable embedded engineers to streamline the development, customization, and validation of homegrown or commercial Linux-based embedded systems, shortening development cycles and reducing project costs. Visit www.timesys.com for more information."

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