June 16, 2004

A Tiny Hindrance

Anonymous Reader writes "As many of our readers already know, I use GNU/Linux as my sole desktop operating system on a daily basis. I use it not only at home, but also at work, in a very demanding and performance-driven enviroment that sometimes moves at breakneck speed. And as usual, GNU/Linux delivers. The old, tired FUD sayings such as "Linux is not ready for everyday desktop use," "Linux is OK for servers, but Windows/Mac OS X are for desktops", and "Mac OS X is the only UNIX desktop worthy of consideration" are not operational here. For my favorite operating system, desktop usage is business as usual, and I'm glad it is. Despite all of this, Eduardo reports everything isn't smooth sailing with a GNU/Linux desktop. Read Eduardo's commentary at OfB.biz to find out why."

Link: OfB.biz

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