September 11, 2014

Tizen IVI Build With Yocto Now Available

  For developers and commercial companies Interested in Tizen IVI, here is the Tizen IVI image with Yocto, provided by Ronan from Eurogiciel. You can find links for Tizen IVI image.

For Tizen IVI on Yocto a meta tag was created: meta-tizen git ivi_rev_0.

It is strongly recommended that you follow the wiki page here.   Some packages are not included for the current release: We do not build the ico-* packages. We do not build rygel yet (yocto does not support gobject-introspection). So we temporary removed rygel, Modello_Phone, Modello_Installer # BTY-36 Thank to Ronan for providing this Information to the mailing list.

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