September 8, 2014

Tizen Samsung Gear S to Launch With Some Impressive Apps

  The Smartwatch market is certainly going to be a lucrative space for the companies that can be first to release their products, go through the lessons learnt cycle, and also be able to build a viable application ecosystem on top of it, which shouldnât be confused with standard smartphone apps, as not all apps translate well to your wrist, and therefore you donât need as many. No one is going to want to edit a picture on their wrist on the move, even if they can !!!    

According to the Smartwatch Group Samsung Electronics had 33.8% market share in terms of products shipped (800,000 units) in 2013, and Samsung are looking at building on this further. They have recently released their updated Software Development Kit (SDK) which will allow application developers to target all of the Tizen Gear devices, including the Gear S. Another major boost for the Tizen ecosystem will be the second annual Samsung Developers Conference in November, where there will be sessions dedicated to helping Samsung developers to port their applications to the Gear Smartwatch linueup that consists of the Gear S, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Galaxy Gear.     Samsung have also been working with some high profile partners, and have

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