April 5, 2004

TLS to Broadcast at ISPCON New Show in Works

Jeff Gerhardt writes "The Linux Show! announces LIVE broadcast event at Spring ISPCON, April 14th through 16th 2004.

April 2nd 2004, Chicago Illinois; The Linux Show Announces Broadcasting Relationship
and Marketing Opportunity for Exhibitors of the Spring ISPCON Conference & Expo

Geekcast to broadcast ISPCON Keynotes heralds new capabilities of expanding network. New
ISP focused webcast also on the way.

From their Chicago broadcast facility, Jeff Gerhardt CEO of GeekCast Broadcasting and
co-host of the network flagship show The Linux Show!! today announced, "We have
just concluded negotiations with technology media company The Golden Group the
show management company behind the ISPCON Conference and Expo.

ISPCON is the leading
conference event for the growing community of wired and wireless ISPs. It has
been a couple years since we participated in an ISPCON event and we are glad to renew
our relationship. Kevin and I have been participating in ISPCON events for years;
in fact we were presenters at one of the early sessions on Linux based web services
back in the 90's. We are gratified that we are renewing this relationship with a
such a strong commitment by both parties as we have agreed to broadcast from the next
two ISPCON events just as a start."

Kevin Hill, VP of GeekCast injected,"because of the limited time between now and mid April we
do not have the time to plan our typical event broadcast; so we will be going into
the Spring ISPCON with a less ambitious effort. There will be no stage craft or lasers,
THIS TIME, but watch out for the fall ISPCON during the first week of November in Santa Clara CA.
We are already making plans for that event."

Humble plans aside, GeekCast will still be broadcasting from booth (#502) at Spring ISPCON
and it is possible for exhibitors to sign up for an interview slot using the web form at
the URL http://www.thelinuxshow.com/ispcon/segappform.html.

To better showcase their technology, GeekCast will also be broadcasting the keynote
speeches live from the keynote hall with their TLS analog to digital hybrid system. This
broadcast will give ISPs from around the world the opportunity to share in some of the
special announcements made in conjunction with the keynotes during the week.

ISPCON Keynotes broadcast by GeekCast include:

  • Thursday, April 15, 2004 - 10:15-11:15am
    Cross-Operator Communication That Stops Messaging Abuse

    Rich Wong
    General Manager, Messaging and Anti-Abuse, Openwave Systems
    Richard Wong is a founding member of the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG),
    brought together for ISP operators to share best practices in combating messaging abuse
    as well as for developing a cohesive point of view on anti-spam legislation. He leads
    the business direction and management of the Messaging Applications team at Openwave.

  • Friday, April 16, 2004 - 9:00 - 10:00am
    Wireless Communications Policy and Progress

    Edmund J. Thomas
    Chief of the Office of the Engineering and Technology (OET), Federal Communications Commission
    Edmond J. Thomas has had a 36-year career with senior positions in R&D, strategic planning,
    operations, regulatory matters, and telecommunication network design and implementation. On
    February 1, 2002, he was appointed Chief of the Office of the Engineering and Technology (OET)
    at the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC's Office of Engineering & Technology is
    responsible for helping to enable the progress and development of innovative communications
    and emerging technologies by advising the Commission concerning engineering matters. As Chief
    of the OET, Mr. Thomas will discuss some of the most intriguing issues and new opportunities
    in today's market as well as what's on the horizon for wireless spectrum, competitive
    technologies and broadband services.

"Our Broadcasting from an event", continued Gerhardt, "is a significant value add for our
partners such as The Golden Group. This is because at any given moment there may be 500
people listening to our broadcasts live. We have had as high as a couple thousand listening
live from an expo event. For the exhibitor that gets to participate in our broadcast, it is
like having 500 people walk by their booth and actually listen to their presentation, which
provides a HUGE value to the exhibitor. This is a win for all involved."

Hill continued, "We will also be doing something very special, which is the introduction
of a new show on our network, here at Spring ISPCON. We are in the process of transforming
our little network of a single show, to grow into a variety of technically focused shows.
We have several shows in early production, one of them The Linux Daily
just started this past week. Because of the timing of ISPCON, we are going to take the
wrapper off one of those shows in development and announce it on The Linux Show !! on
April 6th. The date should give a slight hint as it is near an important date to all of us
Internet Geeks. That new show will be an ISP focused webcast. We are still working
on the show title."

For advertising information email: Sales@geekcast.com

For exhibiting information email: nmoss@thegoldengroup.net
About GeekCast.Com Network and The Linux(R) Show!!
GeekCast.Com Network is the home network of The Linux(R) Show!!. Information about the
network can be found at www.geekcast.com

About The Linux Show!!
TLS has been broadcasting since the 1997 to the known universe. With regular panelists:
David "Doc" Searls Sr Editor Linux Journal (author of The Clue Train Manifesto), Russ Pavlicek
author and editorialist, Arne Flones (community advocate, teacher & code hacker),
Ubergeek- Kevin Hill of Fermi Labs, and Jeff Gerhardt community activist; they come to you
every Tuesday night LIVE, broadcasting from
http://www.thelinuxshow.com using 100%
open source streaming technology. The Linux Show will be broadcasting live next month
from the Linux World Expo.

ISPCON is the definitive event for wired and wireless service providers at the leading
edge of data communications. Service Providers from every sector will join more than 70
exhibitors and associations to discover new opportunities for incremental revenue, techniques
to reduce costs and solutions to thrive in todays competitive market. This is an intensely
educational event that provides a community forum for ISP and WISP owners and employees to
network, develop partnerships and discover technical advancements that help them do business

ISPCON is co-produced by The Golden Group, Inc. and Jupiter media Corporation (Nasdaq: JUPM).
Media sponsors for the event include: ISP-Planet.com (www.ISP-Planet.com), The List: ISPs
(www.thelist.com), ISP-Lists (www.isp-lists.com) and internet.com (www.internet.com). To
learn more about ISPCON Spring 2004 Conference & Expo, please visit www.ispcon.com.

About The Golden Group
Founded in 2002, The Golden Group, Inc. (www.thegoldengroup.net) is a trade conference and
event management business with headquarters in Golden, Colorado and offices in northern
California. The business was built on the notion that conferences should be profound and
intuitive gatherings for market communities to exchange ideas, build relationships and gain
knowledge with a significant return on investment. ISPCON, The Leading Event for Service
Providers (www.ispcon.com), is a cornerstone event driven by these highly regarded qualities
that has served the ever-evolving global ISP community for over a decade. The company
recently announced the launch of Inbox: The Email Event (www.inboxevent.com), which takes
place June 2-4th at the San Jose Marriott.

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