September 4, 2002

TMI Tero Favorin announces groupware calendar for Linux / KDE desktop

Helsinki, Finland, September 4, 2002 - TMI Tero Favorin announced today
Favorin Time groupware calendar software for Linux / KDE desktop. Favorin
Time calendar software contains free open source calendar client for
stand-alone or networked use. Commercially sold server provides calendar
management and scheduling for teams and organisations.

"We believe that commercially supported office applications are critical
for organizations planning to adopt Linux. Favorin Time brings enterprise
quality time management groupware to Linux users and gives significant
boost to the Linux desktop", says CEO Tero Favorin.

About Favorin Time
Favorin Time helps users to organize their tasks with easy to use
calendar. The client may be used either as a standalone application or as
groupware solution. Favorin Time Server maintains all calendars in the
organisation and helps users to schedule and manage team appointments.

Meeting Planner will search for a free meeting time in other users
calendar, simplifying the planning of team meetings and group
appointments. Synchronization with the Server keeps all calendar
information in workstations and notebooks current.

Pricing and availability
Favorin Time Client is available for Linux / KDE 3.x desktop.
Favorin Time Server is available for multiple platforms that support Java

Favorin Time Client is a Open Source application distributed for free
under BSD license.
Favorin Time Server licenses are prised from $199 (U.S. dollars) upwards.

Favorin Time Client and Server beta release is available for immediate
download at Final 1.0 version will be released in
the last part of September, 2002.

About TMI Tero Favorin
TMI Tero Favorin is independent software vendor and consulting company
located in Helsinki area, Finland. The company was founded in 2000 by Tero
Favorin and specializes in Java software development and Qt/KDE
development with C++.

For further information please contact:
Tero Favorin
Vanha Nurmijarventie 79 E 25

Tel. +358 40 4449077


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