May 19, 2005

Today EzHomeTech announces SSP3.0 for linux market

Robert Kao writes "EzHomeTech SSP and uClinux have been popular and famous in Taiwan. Many Taiwan companies that have software engineers move driver-level support to application-level support using EzHomeTech SSP for their worldwide customers. EzHomeTech customers can build their products and quickly develop software applications by themself, not depends on other famous software companies. They can use EzHomeTech software compponents(GUI, Streaming/Download APIs,embedded browser) and intergrated others software components to build up a new product quickly. So, they can easily customize their application and user interface for their customers. EzHomeTech SSP has been gradually becoming a major software platform in Taiwain embedded market.

Today EzHomeTech announces SSP3.0 for Digital Media Adapter, Video on Demand , Media Multicasting market.
SSP 3.0 aims to provide a high performance, multithread, media streaming embedded GUI system,
which is especially for embedded multi-media , intranet/internet system based-on Linux/uClinux.
SSP defines a set of GDI, windowing, media streaming , multithread APIs and a media control APIs
for applications. Many applications can create windows, controls, and transfer media on Internet
concurrently. SSP includes four libraries: Embedded graphical library, Embedded Media Streaming
library, Embedded Multi-Thread library and Media Control Library . Embedded graphical library is
a completed embedded library with all necessary graphical routines. Embedded Media Streaming library
  is a streaming library for media transferred on Internet and Intranet. It supports HTTP/RTSP/IGMP
protocol. Embedded Multi-Thread library provides many applications to run concurrently on SSP.
Media Control Object provides Media playback capabilityies. You can embedd Media Control Object
into a custom C++ program or embedded browser. SSP can be used excellently in Video on Demand,
Media Adapter, Portable Media Player, Home Gateway.

SSP 3.0 includes:
1.Embedded graphical library
2.I Embedded Media Streaming library
    I.HTTP protocol
    II.RTSP protocol
    III.IGMP protocol
3.Embedded Multi-Thread library
4.Media Control Library
5.SSP 3.0 Programming Guide ready to print in PDF-format
6.SSP 3.0 API Reference Guide ready to print in PDF-format
7.SSP 3.0 Running Time Environment
8.The source code of samples running on SSP 2.1
9.The source code of Remote Controller driver
10.The souce code of Font driver


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