July 10, 2001

Tonight on The Linux Show

Author: JT Smith

Tuesday, July 10th, 2001 -- From the home of Wayne's World, Aurora IL: Tonight LIVE on

At 6pm pt, 7pm mt, 8pm ct, and 9pm et.... Kevin Hill, Jeff Gerhardt, PJ
Hyett, Doc Searls(Linux Journal), and Arne Flones have another great show
lined up tonight on The Linux Show!! (and yes the Loki tribes server is up
and running, jeff will be playing after the show tonight.)
In Segment One - Hot News: We will be covering the hot Linux news of
the last few weeks. In particular, we will talk about VA Linux
not accepting hardware orders after today (July 10th).

In Segments Two- "Microsoft, Linux and the Fat Lady"- or Contrary to many
opinions, Linux is far from over and Microsoft still has a very very long
road ahead

This is an editorial segment hosted by Jeff Gerhardt that will carry
over the next several weeks.

We are going to take this segment as an opportunity to re-ignite our (TLS)
position of taking Microsoft to task at will. We have been called to task
on this issue a number of times over the years. We do not accept the
argument that we need to play nice to look make the Linux Community look

This week we will focus on the Wall Street Journal article, written by ROBERT H. BORK AND KENNETH W. STARR. These two highly controversial men are
about as conservative and corporate as you can find. To the surprise of
many, both come out on the side that the most recent finding by the appeals
courts are only a temporary reprieve for Microsoft. Quoting the article...
"On no count, moreover, was Microsoft's behavior found lawful....Now there
is to be a hearing, and there are compelling reasons to take divestiture

This is far from over folks......

In Segments Three- Jabber and Disney

We will be joined by Don Bergal, the Vice President of Marketing for
Jabber, Inc. We will be talking about the ongoing success of a true Open
Source success story, Jabber. Jabber's most recent news is the announcement
with (of all people) Disney. Jabber.com, Inc., is one of the premier
providers of commercial instant messaging and presence management software.
Disney has announced that the Walt Disney Internet Group has licensed the
Jabber Commercial Server for its instant content delivery and communications

The Walt Disney Internet Group licensed the Jabber Commercial Server for a
range of capabilities, including alerts and real-time content delivery
services. The Walt Disney Internet Group plans to deploy these services on
one or more of its sites in the near future. These Jabber services will be
delivered via Walt Disney Internet Group's internally developed Jabber
client for Windows, which were created by working closely with Jabber to
ensure scalability and performance.

Doug Parrish, chief technology officer of Walt Disney Internet Group said,
"As a platform to instantly distribute relevant and personalized
notifications, media and content directly to visitors to our Web site,
Jabber will provide an excellent user enhancement".

Don Bergal, is responsible for product management and marketing at
Jabber, Inc. He has 14 years experience in the software, services and data
communications industries. Prior to joining Jabber, he was COO of eDeploy, a
software developer/ASP, and a leader in delivering online project
collaboration solutions. As a founding member of the management team at
wireless data service provider Wireless Telecom (later renamed Vaultus), he
held a range of responsibilities from Vice President of Marketing to Vice
President of Product Development. Prior to that, he held product
management, engineering management, and sales positions at
SynOptics/BayNetworks and Rational Software. Mr. Bergal earned a BS
Engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Harvard Business

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