October 8, 2002

Tonight on the Linux Show: KDE, another birthday, war and Linux

Jeff writes: Tuesday, October 8th, 2002 from Chicago IL, home of the best pizza on the planet.
Tonight LIVE on www.thelinuxshow.com, at 6pm pt, 7pm mt, 8pm ct, and 9pm et.... Kevin Hill, Jeff Gerhardt, Doc
Searls (Linux Journal), Arne Flones and Russ Pavlicek; are back live tonight. We have a great show lined up tonight on The Linux Show!!

Segment One- The News. We will cover THE HOT NEWS of the last few weeks tonight. In particular, Happy Birthday To Us. Saturday October 10th 1998 the first Linux Show segment was broadcasted on the now defunct Tech Talk Network. We had done guest spots early in 1998, but this was the week we first had FORMAL recognition as a part of the network.

PLUS: The KDE trama, MS-FUD, and as we seen to be inching toward conflict in the mid east, we will discuss a story we did not get to for the last two week, why linux seems to be a good choice for military reasons and in particular NON-US military. This topic is now sort of old news, but listeners keep asking for us to go back to it.

Special NOTE: we will be joined tonight by LinuxandMain.Com editor/publisher Dennis Powell on the KDE story. Dennis has been a journalist his entire adult life having had gigs all accross the US. The quality of L&M shows. They may not publish the most stories on a given day, but the quality is always very high.

Segment Two- Linux Do It Yourself Projects- A pseudo-TiVo time shifter and a Kick Ass Raid Stream server

Last week we had way to much stuff to cover and ran 30 minutes over. We sellected the two project ideas we were working on, and held them back for tonight and combined them into a single segment.

The first project is a time shifter that Russ discussed last week, and formally introduced in an artical on Monday at Info world. The text of the article can be viewed at the URL:
http://www.infoworld.com/articles/op/xml/02/10/07/ 021007opsource.xml

The second project is a part of the Radio Free Universe project that is being co-developed by Geekcast (our company) and Radio Paradise in California. With all the CARP shit coming down, Wild Bill at KPIG (Home of Radio Paradise) has been a tad busy. The project officially launches next week when we put the working server on line for development.

For those interested in participating in the project, and for those who are just interestd in streaming, we are kicking this off by publishing the notes on the physical buildout of the server. Over the next several weeks, interested parties can follow the project and end up with their own kick ass streaming server.

Parts list and details for both projects will be available at showtime.

If you are in a band or represent an artist, please contact us asap to be added to our play list.

Please join us on the show, and check our IRC Chat(irc.thelinuxshow.com
Remember tune in at 6pm pt, 7pm mt, 8pm ct, and 9pm et. NOTE: we are now on
Daylight Saving Time in the US.
Catch the Linux show at www.thelinuxshow.com


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