February 19, 2002

Tonight on the Linux show: My brain hurts or trying to sort out Microsoft vs. DoJ

Author: JT Smith

Jeff Gerhardt writes: Tuesday, February 19th, 2002 from the home of Wayne's World, Aurora IL, tonight LIVE on
www.thelinuxshow.com at 6pm pt, 7pm mt, 8pm ct, and 9pm et.... Kevin Hill, Jeff Gerhardt, PJ Hyett, Doc Searls(Linux Journal), Arne Flones and Russ Pavlicek; have another great show lined up tonight on The Linux Show!!

In Segment One - Hot News: We will be covering the hot Linux news of
the last few weeks. In particular we will discuss the BSD conference with Doc.

In Segment Two- MY BRAIN HURTS or Does Microsoft think we are a bunch of brainless "Gumby's" or trying to sort out the newest phase of Microsoft vs. DOJ

We (us TLS folk) will all be reading the sample postings from the list posted at http://www.usdoj.gov/atr/cases/ms-major.htm> and try to give you our opinions on the whole notion of this as well as comments on specific selections of the sample post.

Other opinions are welcome at GeekCast. This show in particular could use lots of opinions, so please join us on the show, check our IRC Chat(irc.thelinuxshow.com #linuxshow).

Remember tune in at 6pm pt, 7pm mt, 8pm ct, and 9pm et.
Catch the Linux show at www.thelinuxshow.com.

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