November 19, 2002

Tonight Live: Comdex Update, Linux Supercomputing

Tuesday, November 19th, 2002,
from Chicago IL, home of Goose Island Beer.
Tonight LIVE on
At 6pm pt, 7pm mt, 8pm ct, and 9pm et.... Kevin Hill, Jeff Gerhardt, Doc
Searls (Linux Journal), Arne Flones and Russ Pavlicek; are back live
tonight. We have a great show lined up tonight on The Linux Show!!

Segment One- The News. We will cover THE HOT NEWS of the last few weeks tonight. In particular, updates on Microsoft's behaviors in India, Microsoft's sales & profits/loses by product/department (they lost how much on MSN??), Comdex-the hot new product news and the future of Comdex (Key3 media is in hot water), and more.


Segment Two- Linux NetworX- Super Computing

Tonight on the show we will be joined by Joshua Harr, CTO of
Linux NetworX. A number of topics will be discussed including:

  • An overview of what Linux NetworX is?
  • what it
  • deployment examples
  • What hurdles needed to be overcome to reach the
    speeds they are now famous for reaching?
  • Everyone knows Beowulf clusters; what does Linux
    NetworX bring to the table which is unique?
  • What contributions has the company made to Open
    Source projects?

Links for this segement: 8&mode=thread&tid=106 021113hnnetworx.xml?s=IDGNS

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