September 30, 2003

Tonight Live: Happy Birthday Linux Today

Jeff Gerhardt writes "Tonight Live: Happy Birthday Linux Today and Microsoft Throws a "Hissy Fit" >> on The Linux Show!!
Tonight Live: On The Linux Show!!
Tuesday, September 9th, 2003 from Chicago IL

Tonight LIVE on

At 6pm pt, 7pm mt, 8pm ct, and 9pm et.... Kevin Hill, Arne Flones, Doc
Searls, Russ Pavlicek AND Jeff Gerhardt are all back live tonight. We have a lively show
lined up for tonight.

Segment One- The News. We will cover THE HOT NEWS of the
week including: Microsoft Gets pissed off at Lindows again (refunds made easy), Former
Caldera CEO Ransom Love pans SCO CEOs tactics, Sharps goal for the Zaurus to concur
the world, and way more.

Story Links

Segment Two- Happy Birthday Linux Today

Tonight we will have a conversation with Dave Whitinger one of the original
founders of Linux Today in a discussion about the roots of the Linux Communities oldest
Newslink resource. If you do not know what Linux Today is, you certainly do not know
enough about Linux to know about The Linux Show. So its sort of silly to talk about it here.

If we go way way back Dave did a stint at Red Hat. Dave worked as the manager of the
technical support department of
Red Hat Software back in 1997. After leaving Red Hat, he co-founded
Linux Today with Dwight Johnson. In his days at Linux Today,
Dave handled just about everything imaginable
at Linux Today. In addition to posting stories, he handled all the web development, perl and
PHP programming, system and network administration, and any technical challenges that came
along. In late 99 LT was sold to the present owners, (presently known as Jupiter
Media) and Dave went his merry way.

After Linux Today, Dave participated in the development of several well known ventures
including Linsight, Atipa and Linux Weekly News. Dave is a very cool guy who has survived
the ups and downs of the IT universe, and has both the scars and laurels to prove it. Dave
is presently the founder of StandardOut, Inc a web site development and hosting
service company. These days he does private
consulting of Linux and PHP development.

Dave lives in South/Central Texas (Kerrville). At 27 years old (a mere
child to have done all he has) he has been married
for 7 years with 3 children, the latest one born 2 weeks ago at home! When
not doing Linux stuff, he is usually digging around in his

We have also invited a representative from the current staff of Linux Today to talk about the
future of the portal. As of the time of this press release we still have no confirmation of
who that representative might be.


If you are in a band or represent an artist, please contact
us ASAP to be added to our play list.

Please join us on the show, and check our IRC Chat
( #linuxshow).

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