July 13, 2004

Tonight Live: Ken Brown and ADTI

Jeff Gerhardt writes "Tonight Live: Ken Brown and ADTI >> on The Linux Show!!

Tonight: On The Linux Show!!
Tuesday, July 13th, 2004
from Chicago IL
Tonight on www.thelinuxshow.com.

Kevin Hill, Arne Flones, Doc Searls, Russ Pavlicek AND Jeff Gerhardt are bringing you
a great show tonight. Are you ready to go?????

ALL News Tonight. We will cover THE HOT NEWS of the
week including: Microsoft, HP, SCO, the French and a new GPL, Ken Brown of ADTI; plus a clueless pundit or two........ and way more.

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Segment Two- Kenneth P. Brown- & the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution

We will be joined tonight by Kenneth P. Brown, Jr. the President of the Alexis
de Tocqueville Institution (ADTI). ADTI defines itself as an organization as a public
policy research foundation (One of those think tank things). ADTI is headquartered in
Washington, DC.

Mr Brown and ADTI are most recently recognised for the controersy surounding the soon to be released book,
Samizdat and the acertions the book makes about Linux and the Open Source movement. We at TLS though that this would be an inciteful and educational segment for our listeners and help us to understand those in adversarial positions. Eric Raymond will be joning us for this segment.

At ADTI, Kenneth is also the director
of technology programs, a segment of the institution
that analyzes the relationship between technology and
existing/proposed legislation. Technology issues ADTI
examines include antitrust, intellectual property, and
national security.

Kenneth Brown also serves on the Board of Directors of
the Democratic Century Fund, and oversees investment
hedge fund. Kenneth Brown has been published in over
one hundred journals and media regarding public
policy, law, and technology. He has a BA in English
Literature from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.
Mr. Brown lives in Falls Church, Virginia.

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